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Guide to budget grocery shopping for a foodie

Things I love about food: eating it, trying new foods, shared meals with friends and family. Things I don’t love about food: long, drawn out prep times; expensive niche ingredients. Something that is very important to me about mealtime is efficiency. As much as I enjoy eating homemade food and even cooking it, I have no… Read More »Guide to budget grocery shopping for a foodie

Easy guide to a frugal vegan diet

Adventures in a vegan diet done frugally! Although the “how do you get your protein” jokes centered around vegetarianism and veganism can try my patience, I have noticed increased satiety when eating a higher protein, higher fat diet while aiming for a similar calorie range. While I don’t plan on sticking to a strict low… Read More »Easy guide to a frugal vegan diet

My first post at FIREsolo

Hi! This will be my first post. I’m late to the blog game but have read them for years. Starting from lifestyle blogs my interests veered to cooking, travel, adventure, and survivalism. Gradually I found myself deep into the community of financial independence bloggers who touch on all of these topics, plus an emphasis on… Read More »My first post at FIREsolo

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