My first post at FIREsolo

Hi! This will be my first post.

I’m late to the blog game but have read them for years. Starting from lifestyle blogs my interests veered to cooking, travel, adventure, and survivalism. Gradually I found myself deep into the community of financial independence bloggers who touch on all of these topics, plus an emphasis on maximizing (relationships, time, money) that matches my personal values.

As I’ve dived further into the abundance of financial independence resources, recently I have been looking for a corner of the community that matches my identity. I love and truly admire the bloggers I follow, from the Frugalwoods’ exciting journey to Mr. Money Mustache. Even the ChooseFI podcast hosts and their extension of the movement excite me. But it remains that I struggle to see myself in some of their backstories. Most FIRE (financial independence, retire early) or even FI success stories are established as a married team with high salaries. The approach to financial independence is naturally different as a younger person with a less predictable income who is still settling into what her life will look like. I feel like I still have a lot to learn and in some ways am still figuring out what is important to me. I am hoping that the younger fans of the established FI leaders might relate here.

I hope that this blog can be a launching point for fellow individuals who are going it on their own, and a reassurance that you are capable! Looking forward to hearing and learning from all who find their way here.

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  1. Hey! Fellow 20 something & single FI’er here. I’m happy to have stumbled upon your blog and will be on the lookout for your posts.

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