Guide to enjoyable budget grocery shopping

Things I love about food: eating it, trying new foods, shared meals with friends and family. Things I don’t love about food: long, drawn out prep times; expensive niche ingredients. Something that is very important to me about mealtime is efficiency. As much as I enjoy eating homemade food and even cooking it, I have no desire to spend hours in the kitchen. Luckily enough I’ve found that frugal cooking and… Read More »Guide to enjoyable budget grocery shopping

Easy guide to a frugal vegan diet

Adventures in a vegan diet done frugally! Although the “how do you get your protein” jokes centered around vegetarianism and veganism can try my patience, I have noticed increased satiety when eating a higher protein, higher fat diet while aiming for a similar calorie range. While I don’t plan on sticking to a strict low carb diet long-term, it is easy as a vegan to eat a carb-heavy diet and… Read More »Easy guide to a frugal vegan diet